This multimedia workbook is for anybody wanting the opportunity to take their life to The Next Level.

  • Work through the exercises at the end of each chapter and practically apply the inspirational ideas within.
  • Explore your ambitions
  • Move you faster towards realising your dreams.
  • Read real life examples
  • Learn and practise the key learning points.   
  • Accelerate your personal success
  • Take your life to... The Next Level!
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Enjoyable read.....5 stars on completion

Read through the workbook from start to finish & now plan to start the working through each section. I'm usually a person that reads 5 pages, puts a book down, then returns a month later to start again. I couldn't put this down. Some fantastic quotes & thought provoking chapters.


Only completed the first few pages of this booklet and its changed the way in which i think, its changed the way i see myself, its changed the way i look at life. But most of all its given me a confidence boost in which i am now not afraid of life.

So far so good..... done

Finished the workbook last night. Totally Inspirational. Just what I needed to get me back on track. All the exercises done and cant wait to put this stuff into practise in my life. Thanks Tom- you're a star.


This has helped me open my eyes and awakened my mental state, changing it from often negative and pessimistic to a positive outgoing, optimistic, just by a change of mental state and mindset, your goals and targets come to being, atleast this is the case for me since i have been following the guide :) take care tom :)

So far so good.....

Picked this up at the event in Telford yesterday. Looks good so far. Read the whole thing last night and started the exercises today. The audio at the beginning of each chapter is useful. Will add another review when I've finished it.